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Tesgo Explorer-Pre Order
Brien Jean-Marc
Great bike slick look fun to ride and great after sale support

Hi, decided to go with the Hummer Pro received the bike quickly everything well packaged the bike is beautiful looked very solid robust frame and slick design 👍 I had to replace the handle folding stem however, Tesgo support was great they responded within 24 hrs they immidiately send me a new one that arrived quickly considering the distance. With the video they provided by e-mail I was able to fix my problem and imidiately road tested my very first e-bike wow..!! Incredible experience felt like two people pushing me along as I’m pedaling I’m looking foward to commute to my work place with my Hummer. For now I am very please with it I feel I got my money’s worth but time will tell. Yes I recommend this bike 👍😊

Tesgo Enterprise
Pierre Aub¨¦
E-bike ENTERPRISE Vélo électrique (TSG 1582)

Je l'ai commandé le 13 mars et l'ai reçu le 17 mars. L'emballage était parfait et l'assemblage facile. Le support de TESTGOEBIKE est iimpécable. J'attends avec impatience les beaux jours...
MERCI testgoebike
I ordered the bike on march 13. It was delivered on the 17. Packaging was excellent and assembly was easy. Tha support from TESGOEBIKE is excellent. I am now looking forward to riding it, weather permitting...
Thanks resgoebike

Thank you for sharing!❤

Tesgo STT Pre-order
François C
Wow! Tout un VÉLO!

Livraison en 4 jours. Déballage et montage en seulement 15 minutes. Aucune éraflure. Emballage ultra haute protection. Service de SUSAN hors pair suite à une question posée.

Great customer service!

I bought two bikes the STT-S and the Hummer Pro. The Hummer Pro had some damaged parts from shipping. Lena from customer service helped with replacing all damaged parts and a few extras for the inconvenience. Very polite and friendly. The bikes are great and built solid!

Thanks for your trust and support!

Item as indicated and fits as expected

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Tesgo Enterprise
Avi Shulman
My Enterprise

Hello I've had my Enterprise for four months now, I have had no major problems other then adjustments and I have 900km on my Enterprise, I love the power and the ease it gets me threw the cold and snow as I live here in Canada, also customer service has been fantastic I always get a reply within 24hours. I weigh around 210lbs and I'm 6,3 the Enterprise adjusts to my height and has the power to spare even when I have a load of groceries going up a hill, having a front rake and back rack I can really load it up, I like the fact that the battery is the seat post it makes for a more compact fold up bike to put in my car, I do get alot of people asking me about the Enterprise and with the wonderful expereance I'm having Im sure I've sold people on the comfort and reliability of the Enterprise.
I wanted to Thank Tesgo for a.trouble free expereance

Tesgo Enterprise
Cheryl MacDonald
Excellent Service

received my bike after a courier issue ; no fault of Tesgo’s . When I contacted Lena to let her know , she quickly responded and straightened everything out.
It was very easy to assemble, looks great and can’t wait for some warm weather to go for a ride ..great customer service ! Thanks again Lena .

Enrique Mallare
TESGO Hummer Pro, Army Green

I got my Tesgo Hummer Pro after Three(3) weeks . Item was packed well with many protective wrappings for transport bumps and possible damage. Customer service is so responsive although I experience some courier issues but it’s worth when I have the item arrived in my front door. It’s winter season as of now so I can’t really use it to go around to test it. Overall it’s been a great experience. Just can’t wait to Spring season to come. Thanks.

Hummer great!

Love this bike, excellent build quality! 5 stars

Tesgo Enterprise
Amalu George

Excellent bike, worth every penny. Excellent package, easy to assemble. Include back seat, light and front basket.

Nice bag, very useful

5 étoiles parce que je peux pas donner plus

moi je suis plus que satisfaite de mon vélo
et il va super bien , (velo pliant hummer) commander un vélo sur le net j avais peur mais vraiment ravie du service. merci tesgo

marlène canuel
5 étoiles

moi je suis plus que satisfaite de mon vélo
et il va super bien , (velo pliant hummer) commander un vélo sur le net j avais peur mais vraiment ravie du service. merci

Travel E-bike Trunk Bag Rear Rack Bag

Smooth transaction and very nice bike

Perfect respect for delivery times (placed order on Saturday and received the bike the following Wednesday). The bike is exactly what I was looking for (hydraulic brakes, suspension, very solid frame, super clear screen). The packaging is impeccable (really carefully packaged to protect it during transport and little assembly to do). Definitely a serious and professional company. Thank you.

A good bike

The bike is great it’s gets me to and from work everyday.
The bike is fast and durable I am very happy with the purchase but of course there are improvements that could be made but overall I would recommend it for anyone looking for an electric bike.

Tesgo Brakes


I'm very satisfied with the replacement parts. Better than the originals.

Charlene McCheyne
Love the bike but had issues

1. Upon arrival, no power and after many videos and emails sent to customer service had to take the electrical chord box apart and fix some wires. It’s happened twice now. Despite the occasional troubleshooting it is a great ride! Have had so much fun!

Tesgo Enterprise
Ray Campbell
High end value priced Ebikes

Excellent Ebikes for the price. The Enterprise model is perfect being foldable with a higher Ah battery than other models and a powerful 750W motor. We bought his and hers with the 2 available colors.

Thank you for your trust and support.❤

Mark Blezard
Hummer Pro - Great Quality

The customer service was awesome, Lena answered my questions within hours and ensured me our bikes were on their way and everything was in order. The first bike arrived well packaged through DHL without any issues. DHL did a great job as well in tracking letting us know when the bike was to arrive. Everything went very well and I can’t say anything bad about my experience with Tesgo.

Excellent service

My controller was defective and they sent me a new one for 15$ shipping. Now the bike works like new.

Tesgo STT Pre-order
Patrick Pedrola
Best Service and communication transaction ever

I am very happy with this bike. I was facing with a back-order and Tesgo offer me a free gift for compensation. Each time i had a question, they answer me maximum the next day. Very impressed about the after sale service. You can really Trust the guys!

Service & Power

I had some issues on shippind dates and a part missing with delivery but was compensated quickly /item missing was a front tire reflector.
I wanted get another seat post and was discounted on shipping.
We bought 2 STT bikes.
They are awesome, everything I read about is true.
The power is great, beats out most ebike's on the market and handling is superb. It's true, on dry powder snow and/or sand, this bikes rides..:)
So far so good, very happy customer..
( 3 months owning )

E Bike waterproof saddle bag
Lise M
saddle bag

vraiment bien comme sac pour nos bikes

Personnellement, je trouve aussi cette sacoche très pratique !

STT-S - It was a good choice while available

I bought and received a STT-S end August 2022. I wrote a review the week after, below is the review:
I ordered a STT early July but there was a delay in delivery. In the meantime Tesgo introduced the improved STT. Further delay made me think what were the key characteristics I was looking for.
Really, I chose a Tesgo (vs another brand) STT because of its frame design, the nice frame finish (weldless) and its brake system. Improvements on the STT are nice but for me they were not so important. It also now have the welds visible unfortunately and the brake rotors have been changed to definitely less impressive ones. So I changed my order to a STT-S, available from the warehouse. Spoke wheels on the STT-S are still the norm today so I didn't mind, and I didn't mind for a smaller motor.
I now have a STT-S, with the original weldless frame and the original thick brake rotors. I received end August. I am very happy. The change of order and delivery from the warehouse was very quick, thanks to Lena. I received the bike well packaged and undamaged.
The STT-S was impressive on pictures, but definitely is impressive from any angle in real: high capacity battery, strong motor, beautiful brake system even if not a known brand, beautiful frame, well chosen mechanical parts such as Shimano mid-level Altus and 8 speed cassette, comfortable seat, good latch systems all around, strong rack. When you start using it, you feel you're on a freight train, and I mean this in a good way, I like that.
The bike is foldable, but not very portable. I weighed my STT-S at 70.5 lbs with the battery. If you intend to use your bike downtown because you live there, use it to go to work downtown and bring to work place, not the good category. Go for a likely 14 inches wheels bike with small tires, short and skinny foldable frame. If you intend to use on mountain trails, you need something agile and light, go for a true mountain bike. This STT-S category (and all the other brands in the same category) is to first have fun on the roads, city bike trails and some mild gravel roads. And provide people with a bit of physical challenge in using a normal bike to have real fun with the help of electricity. And the bike is rated for 330 lbs, not bad. I won't go through details about speed, power and battery capacity because there are so many variables involved, each of us will come with different results. Some folks have reviewed well the bike in details on You Tube videos on those aspects. I will only say one thing; before going all out on your bike the first time, understand well your programming choices on the controller, it will likely save you some grief, likely incidents.
Overall I am satisfied with Tesgo Canada. The World currently suffers from delays in manufacturing and transportation. I understood and accepted that, and I worked with Tesgo to be satisfied with my order.
I believe that overall the STT-S is an excellent choice from the built and parts perspective, and it certainly is the nicest looking in its category. The parts that may require change in the future are common on the market, even the brake pads and specific STT parts (including battery) are available through Amazon. But I encourage you to go through Tesgo first, as it is a Canadian company.
After a few months of use, November 2022, I can confirm that I am still very satisfied, no electrical or mechanical issues so far. I still consider the overall feel of the quality to be very acceptable for this price range ebike. The mechanical speed system works really well, again a good choice with mid-range Shimano. The battery capacity is very acceptable (+/_ 100 kms) for how and where I use the bike, but everyone will use it differently. It works well for me. I have made a few small modifications to accommodate my preferences, but it is nothing against the bike quality and concept overall. I have a hard time finding something negative, maybe only the knob covering the battery charge port does not stay closed firmly... I just enjoy the bike every time I am on it. But again, I insist on the importance to put some time on programming the controller before first use. Everything has a default value, but it may not suit you. First, in order to have accurate distance and speed, you need the proper wheel size and it's not 20. My trials brought me to 22. You can confirm that yourself. Second, find and use a 48V lithium-Ion battery chart to help you properly adjust the programming of the battery display and provide you with a more accurate battery state. Third, understand and decide your preference in the programming of the PAS levels. You will find you enjoy the bike much more when it is programmed to your specific kind of use. I went for a bundle extra battery, I just believe now that I may not need this second battery for how I intend to continue to use the bike. Have fun. The Vez, Ottawa, ON

We appreciate that you are satisfied with our bikes and service.
We will give your suggestions back to our factory and hope this will help our factory to improve the production.